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Meet Alan Schaaf: Creator, Designer, Coder of One of the Fastest Growing Sites on the Net:

By - November 30, 2009 - 7 Comments
When I was in college, a productive day was actually making it to class and getting a date to the football game on Sunday.  For Alan Schaaf, he sets his bar a little higher.  Alan , a 21 year old college student,  has managed to create one of the fastest growing sites on the internet and THE picture hosting site for social media, Imgur, all while going to college full time and working at the radio station.  He also has been creating an iPhone app for Imgur called Imgur Mobile, and as of today, it's been approved and released.  If you've ever been to and even Digg, you'll notice most ... Read More »
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By - November 30, 2009 - 0 Comments is Now For Sale // Please use contact form Above if Interested in Purchasing. ... Read More »
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Domainer Blog Tip: How to Take a Screenshot of Your iPhone

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You see them on all the blogs. Somehow they've taken a screenshot of an iPhone and it usually has the content they're talking about on the screen.  At first I thought they had used photoshop or some special program but it's actually built into the iPhone.  Simple press  thee HOME and ON/OFF buttons at the same time. The screen should flash briefly. If you look in your photo album it should contain a photo in it with a picture of your screen.... Read More »
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5 Nice Domains That are Dropping Today

By - November 30, 2009 - 1 Comment
Every day I peruse through the list of domains dropping for the day and come up with my favorites.  Today is a little light but here are a few I think are a good buys.  They may not be the best drops on the board but I think they offer a good return for your money.  I usually concentrate on my niche for links and traffic but these could change my mind if they go cheap. (@namejet) Not many backlinks but gets pretty good type-in traffic and is 10 years old   Title explains site very well.  DMOZ listed, gets decent traffic, 7 years old and 80... Read More »
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Ozh’ Who Sees Ads: A Fantastic Plugin To Change What Ads Each User Sees

By - November 30, 2009 - 0 Comments
I was talking on the phone to an owner of 4 high traffic websites, what his top 5 plugins for his sites (all run on Wordpress). He said number one, two, and three would be "Who Sees Ads".  It gave him the ability to force ads down the throats of certain visitors and at the same time, take them completely off to others, and everything in between. He said it single handily added 3-5K a month to his income by adjusting the ads.  He was trying to pay someone to write code for his wordpress sites that would do the same thing but there always seemed to be bugs.  This one actually works. It is widely kno... Read More »
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