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The $XX Auction That Nobody Knew About ……Part 1

By - December 31, 2009 - 4 Comments
A few weeks ago an auction went down over at DnForum that didn't get much publicity.  While the big boys of domaining drink their Grey Goose,  sit in their limos trading million dollar domains and texting each other SEO tricks,us regular guys are picking up the scraps on the forum boards. Earlier in the year, I'd  been involved in such HUGE deals as and so obviously when a high flying domain name around $20 is on the market, I get the call.  While this was both exciting and frustrating, the anonymous caller said yet ANOTHER major auction was going on. It seems that a 22... Read More »
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A Few Nice Domains Dropping Today

By - December 31, 2009 - 0 Comments
The last day of 2009, could it be the day you pick up your million dollar name?  Doubt it.   There's still money to be made here.  Made a whopping $35 yesterday flipping pickups that I just picked up,  but money is money. For the low price this is a very flippable name. A decent 4 letter dot com.  Probably worth at least $50 and it will go cheaper than that A dictionary term that I use almost every day.  OK,  I never use it but that doesn't mean its not a real word. A breathing technique.  Asthma users benefit from using this.  I... Read More »
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Swype Inc Buys on Sedo for 25K

By - December 30, 2009 - 0 Comments
Sedo recently posted the sale of for a nice $25,000 to the seller.  Swype Inc the buyer, is a hot product right now.  If you're not familiar with Swype,  it's a new way to type on a keyboard through "swiping" your fingers across the keys in certain ways that let the program figure out what you are trying to type. It's being put on many of the new devices including the new Google phone and much talked about in the tech world.   Sounds difficult but the results are pretty nice. Like anything it takes practice and if the videos on youtube prove anything, it's that there are people on any of t... Read More »
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A Few Nice Domains Dropping: Wed Edition

By - December 30, 2009 - 2 Comments
Not a very good day for drops but all it takes is one.  Flipped two domains yesterday ( a great "off week") that I picked up on drops within the last 2 weeks.  They went to the owners of the dot coms.  I didn't buy them to sell them to those individuals, I bought them to build a site and monetize but it worked out well for both sides.  Here are the few A perfect name for a domain drop.  Over at Bido  (ps I'm selling it) I'm not going to discuss the meanings behind the name but would make a nice adult name. Big trademark problems here but pointing out... Read More »
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A Quick And Easy Way to Check For Pagerank Fraud Without a Special Site

By - December 29, 2009 - 1 Comment
I'm always surprised how many people bid good money on sites that have obvious PR fraud.  It's easy to make your site appear to have a better pagerank than it does but it's even easier than that to check it.  You don't have to go to some pagerank site to check,  you simply have to go to Google. Go to Google and type in, substituting with your url.  If Google returns the same website underneath then you have a real pagerank.  If it shows another site then its been forged. Be careful of the tld.  You may be checking the .net and it returns the .com.  Let's take a name t... Read More »
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