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Something You Don’t See Very Often: Two Companies “Share” The Same Domain

By - March 31, 2011 - 6 Comments
If you type into your browser you'll come on a landing page that states "This page is shared by two independent and unrelated companies" and splits the landing page right down the middle.  GD California gets the top half and Prolog Development Center get the bottom half. actually forwards you to a  subdomain of GD California with the url and the split page above is presented.  My original thought is that there had to be some type of lawsuit that forced them to share.  Otherwise why would the owner of share the use of their site?  I did a little Google se... Read More »
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Thursday’s Daily Domain Auction Drops And Auctions

By - March 31, 2011 - 4 Comments
Another day of dot nets but some real nice product domains which I don't always put on my lists.  I like to have at least 5000 searches to even bother putting up a site and some of these have hundreds of thousands.  Here are the names. 562,000 searches are incredible.  Big boy dot net here You could sell all three products still made here on the site.  In all seriousness,  many people still only buy American made products.  1999 registration so there is also some age here The "games" domains are fetching incredible prices.  Already a... Read More »
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Here’s A Look At My “Other” Job

By - March 30, 2011 - 17 Comments
I find it comical that people will criticize the fact that I don't make a living through domain investing.  Despite the fact I still put in a good 20-40 hours a week at this thing,  people are still naive to think I don't know how to make money or have real stories of success and failure to share.  I have a huge advantage over most domain investors in the fact that I have the ability to run a business while at the same time using domains and the Internet to vertically integrate my company.  Many domain investors that go full time are sacrificing the best years of their careers.  A move that could p... Read More »
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Wednesday’s Daily Domain Auctions and Drops

By - March 30, 2011 - 0 Comments
Another day with average names but again, I do think there are some names you can make some money on. I passed on names like because they just make no sense to me.  Aren't all fish aquatic?  A joke name at the end but there are people bidding on it so I guess it's not a joke to everyone.  Let me know if you bid on any of these.  Always curious if anyone takes any of these. All the cloud names have dramatically increased in value.  This one is at $110 and a good value if it stays under $200 Eventually going to be a movie or something. .  I'm gi... Read More »
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I Just Hand Registered the Biggest New Trend In Parties in 100 Years

By - March 29, 2011 - 27 Comments
I'm not sure how it came to me.  It's a trend that is exploding.  An event that women everywhere are spending an amazing amount of time and money to prepare for.  Now becoming as popular as a wedding and bridal showers.  And something I had never heard of in my life and today I heard about it from 3 different people going to three separate events of this nature. Last night my wife was the final catalyst.  She told me that she couldn't believe what a big deal women were making about revealing the gender of their babies.   They were having big parties all built around the announcement of the sex... Read More »
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