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Nearly 60% Of Business Owners Use Social Media To Interact With Customers

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Newtek Business Services, who runs The Small Business Authority, released their findings of a recent poll conducted for their SB Authority Market Sentiment Survey. This is basically a monthly survey to gather information from independent business owners and can provide some real insight into small business practices, trends, etc. One of the biggest finds this month was that 57% of business owners use social media to attract new customers and 58% use social media to communicate with current customers. 55% also said they use social media as a "significant engine of sales growth" for their businesses. Ther... Read More »
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Tebowing: The Hottest New Trend

By - October 31, 2011 - 2 Comments
Planking is so 6 months ago.  The latest Internet trend that's taken a life of it's own is called Tebowing.   Tebowing is the act of dropping down to one knee and praying while the world around you continues on.  An act made famous by Tim Tebow, usually while his teammates are celebrating or carrying on. It was hard to miss at Florida and it happened again as Tebow led the Denver Broncos back to victory in his first NFL start last week.  It's an act that caught the eye Jared Kleinstein while he was sitting in a bar and he did what any grown man would do.  He started a website. A website called ... Read More »
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The Latest Sales for 5 Letter Dot Coms

By - October 31, 2011 - 1 Comment
Had a little time to peruse the recent 5 letter dot com sales from the last few weeks.  Actually it was a pretty slow two weeks for 5 letter dot coms. Per usual there aren't many trends to pick up on other than the names are pronounceable and "clean".  Clean meaning they aren't acronyms and generally have a two syllable sound. Not listed in any certain order $2,650 $18,000 $2,000  $3,000 $20,000 $3,188 $2,413 $12,302 $4, 140 $2,617 $15,000... Read More »
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Monday’s Big List of Domains at Auction and Dropping

By - October 31, 2011 - 1 Comment
It's the last day of October and hopefully you found a few good names this month.  There were some amazing deals out there but until you sell the name I guess you don't know if you got a deal or not. Looking forward to the winter months when sales seem to heat up.  I would imagine it has to do with the cold and the fact that in the States we all seem to come inside and stay.  Sitting in front of our computers and venturing outside only to get food and go to work.  That and buying domains.  Here is today's list. I think we've all taken it.  Just not sure if you can sell it Read More »
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Numeric Domains Continue to Increase In Value: Did I Sell Too Early?

By - October 30, 2011 - 3 Comments
It's hard to miss if you read the blog. I have been all over numeric domains the last year and a half.  I've created my own four number dot com price guide by hand compiling all the sales over the last year.  Of the 9,999 possible domain sales there have been over 400 sales in the last few years. A relatively small percentage but enough that I have been able to get a feel of the numbers.  It's also helped me establish a minimum price for even the worst numbers.  That all changes when you drop down to 3 number and two number dot coms.  There are no commodity domains when you get this limited.  The ... Read More »
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