Are We Going To See Scalpers Selling Tickets to “Breakfast With Schilling” at DomainFest?

By - January 24, 2011 - 14 Comments

DomainFest had the great idea of letting conference attendees sign up to have breakfast or lunch with this years’ panelist and the first to fill up was of course, Frank Schilling.  So fast that I think someone could actually resell their spots at Breakfast.  To say that Frank Schilling is the Warren Buffet of Domain Investing would not be a stretch.  Warren Buffet is so popular that the yearly auction to have lunch with him reached $2.6 million this year. I think they could auction a seat with Frank as well.

If you haven’t read Schilling’s bio it’s a must read over at DnJournal.  The kind of story that reminds you that it’s never too late to get into a business.  I put it up there right along the story of family friend Joni Kroc’s husband Ray (look it up if you’ve never heard of him).  The islands, the good looks, the domains, the money, all the things that makes him a guy’s guy and evidently domain investor’s “dream date”

So I ask you this.  Would you pay money to have breakfast or lunch with Frank?  If you could have lunch with anyone involved in domain investing or web development, who would that be?  And one more question, can I squeeze in that breakfast? They’ll never notice one more person. 

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14 Responses to Are We Going To See Scalpers Selling Tickets to “Breakfast With Schilling” at DomainFest?

  1. Tia Wood says:


    Frank’s picture says “I can stand in water up to my waist even if it looks like I peed my pants – and I’m still a cool guy.”

    Shane’s picture says “I’m overly sensitive and I need a hug.”


  2. ShaneCultra says:

    Mine actually says, we just ran 196 miles from the top of Mt hood through the mountains to the oceans at Seaside and I’m tired…….I hadn’t slept in 36 hours and had run 21 miles uphill. I certainly needed a hug

  3. Tia Wood says:

    You really ran 196 miles?? And I only see one sweat spot. Good job!

  4. Vav says:

    I would have a breakfast with Rick Schwartz and Shane Cultra if you know this person :P

  5. Pat says:

    Yes I would. In addition to FS, I’d pay to have lunch with Mike Berkens and a few others.

    I wouldn’t pay to have lunch with you, Shane, but I would pick up the tab :-)

  6. Ron Wells says:

    I’d pay to be Frank’s apprentice for the year! :-)

  7. ShaneCultra says:


    Done. I love pumpkin ravioli

  8. ShaneCultra says:


    I know one of them very well. So far it’s you, I, and Pat for lunch. Anyone else want to have lunch one day? Or at least sit at the same table :) I’m booked with Berkens one of the days but open the others.

  9. Kevin M. says:

    I think Frank’s table was filled before the initial email on this even went out! We went right to the ‘dine with’ site when we got our email last week, and his table was already filled up! :( I see you’ll be joining us at Berkens table. Do you slurp your soup?? ;)

  10. Ron Wells says:

    “Anyone else want to have lunch one day?”

    let’s do lunch, Shane! :-)

  11. Vav says:

    Shane I would love to come, but only in my dreams at the moment, considering the distance of 8000km.

  12. Morgan says:

    That’s it…now I have to try to rank well for “Hug Shane Cultra” – but I’m not buying the .com :)

  13. Acro says:

    Already met Frank about 8 hours ago. Details coming up. But yes, paying a ticket e.g. to a fund about the Australian flood victims in order to have lunch with Frank, it’d be an idea I’d support.

  14. ShaneCultra says:


    Excuses, excuses. You sound like Jay Cutler

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