I Saw The REAL Mater Today From Cars

By - July 12, 2011 - 4 Comments
If you have kids and maybe even if you don't you've probably seen Pixar's Cars and/or Cars 2.  While on my way to Columbus Ohio I was driving down the road and passed something that looked familiar.  I had to turn around to see if what I thought I saw was real. Sure enough there was Mater.  The ORIGINAL Mater, live and in full rust.  I could hear Larry the Cable Guy's voice talking to me as I went up to take pictures. ... Read More »
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The 5L.com Market Is Alive and Well

By - July 12, 2011 - 7 Comments
I sold yet another 5 letter dot com this week giving me 6 sales this year. A little down from last year but mostly due to the fact I am not accepting much under $2,000 for any of my 5 letter dot coms. The sale of one name has more than paid for my cost off all six domains combined. I bought many of these names several years ago so my cost is minimal in most of my 5 letters. That doesn't mean the value is low. On the contrary. The value of QUALITY 5 letter dot coms is skyrocketing. Noticed how I said quality. Everyone has a different measurement of quality but mine are words that have meani... Read More »
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Tuesday’s Hot Domain Drop and Auction Picks

By - July 12, 2011 - 5 Comments
Sold another 5L.com yesterday which makes a new record this year. I'll do a post on it later today but the 5L market seems to be doing what the 4L market was doing three years ago. New companies are realizing the value of a short name that is easy to spell and say. The down side? I'm having to pay a lot more for top 5Ls. Now onto today's names HowToGetADivorce.com Great name but I would be careful building it out. Make sure to announce what you're doing to your spouse BoatSlipRentals.com Never really lived by the water but I know enough to know that people rent boat slips. $69 seems more th... Read More »
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Monday’s Daily Domain Drop and Auction Picks

By - July 11, 2011 - 1 Comment
In Columbus Ohio for a few days on business and doing this post on an iPad so expect a few bad links. It's not that I'm not checking them it's that the this thing has a few flaws and copy and pasting links is a major one with the second being no scroll on the right to scroll down the article you've written I do have the keyboard attatchment so typing is not a problem. Here we go for today's names. One of the shorter lists in a while so I may have to throw in a joke at the end to make up for it. TheMilitary.com You know this in the US. It's where all our tax money goes. FreeMusicDownload.... Read More »
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The Weekend’s Hot Domain Drop and Auction Picks

By - July 9, 2011 - 1 Comment
I guess I asked for it.  My little bitching article the other day called "Don't" drew a lot of attention and criticism. Criticism which I can take and actually enjoy.  While much of it comes from little men from behind a computer that would be all smiles and handshakes in person, but some of it is warranted and good for keeping grounded.  Enough ranting, now onto the names. NiceTrip.com It's what we're all looking for on a vacation.  You could also sell drugs through the site but I guess that's still illegal. EasterCandy.com I still have some left.  My "Peeps" are so old I use them to file m... Read More »
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