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Name I’ve Sold Recently

By - October 25, 2012 - 10 Comments
After posting which names I've purchased recently I receive a few emails asking which names I've sold.  Three of my top 10 sales happen to be under a gentleman's agreement not to say price or name but here are some recent sales that come to mind.  Some were at auctions, some privately.  It's been my best year ever and it's a result of a few things. One, I started with Internet Traffic this year. The leads have led to several sales and I brokered them all myself, meaning I get to keep everything except for taxes.  Two, I got some great prices on my sales at Namejet. I put up what I thought were stro... Read More »
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The Skeptics Were Right: High Bidder Never Paid

By - July 7, 2012 - 11 Comments
I received a few emails from the seller of and like many people thought, the high bidder for the auction was nowhere to be found.  The auction closed at over $670,000 and would have been Godaddy's highest priced auction in history.  Unfortunately for David it was too good to be true. He seems to be a bit overwhelmed by the whole thing as you can imagine.  Having the chance of getting $600,000 come and go would be an emotional roller coaster.  It's a life changing amount of money and being new to auctions in general, he had no idea what to think.  He did let me know that Godaddy handled e... Read More »
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Imma Let You Finish But Fuller Moehagen Has a Great Story About Selling His Domain To Kanye West

By - December 14, 2011 - 14 Comments
Fuller Moehagen is not a full time domain investor.  He merely plays around with them but he has a story that I thought was pretty good.  He recently sold Kanye West for $12,000.  I'm not sure which would be more fun, getting the money or getting to negotiate with Kanye West on a price.  I was going to tell the story but I think Fuller tells it so well I'll just let him put it in his own words. Back in August of 2010, Kanye West posted this tweet:!/kanyewest/status/22302385486 I'm a huge fan, so I was following him while dabbling in domain purchasing here ... Read More »
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Sedo Helps Search Engine Land Secure

By - December 12, 2011 - 2 Comments
Today Third Day Media aka Search Engine Land announced that Sedo had recently helped them purchase for a "very reasonable sum".   SEL knows the value of a keyword domain as well as any company on the Internet .  According to Third Day Media “Search Engine Land’s success is due in part to having a memorable domain name that describes the mission of the site. We wanted an equally descriptive name when it came time to extend our brand and provide a resource for internet marketers beyond those involved in search,” Chris Elwell, president, Third Door Me... Read More »
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Fair Warning Inc Makes Van Halen Fan A Much Wealthier Man

By - October 4, 2011 - 9 Comments
Brett Norton evidently loves Van Halen.  So much that he runs a forum called centered around the band and its fans.  He also purchased, the name of Van Halen's 4th studio album originally release in 1981 as a testament to his fandom. Brett was nice enough to let some board members use the domain as an email address but on August 21st he made this announcement on his forum Well I got a crazy offer to buy the domain name the other day, and I sold it. I actually think I could have gotten more in hindsight, but was so shocked by the offer to begin with, I took it. So I hav... Read More »
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