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DomainShane/Accidental Domainer Looking for “Who Bought What” Writer

By - April 14, 2014 - 2 Comments
Do you like to research who bought the names that recently sold? Do you follow and research who bought certain names at NameJet, SnapNames, and (perhaps) even GoDaddy auctions? Do you also enjoy writing? DSAC formerly known as DomainShane is seeking someone to write a bi-weekly "Who Bought What" article that covers both recent sales and those that purchased them. The article will be more than a list of domains with who and how much. The best candidate will be someone who can regularly write and put out an article twice a week and you'll need to keep up with sales and do some research using the ... Read More »
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Although I Wish I Were There: 10 Great Things That Will Happen By Me Not Going to DomainFest

By - April 1, 2014 - 2 Comments
I do wish I could go to DomainFest.  It's the classiest of all the Domain conferences with no corners cut.  Best entertainment, best food, and great conversation.  But there are a few things I stand to benefit from by missing the party 1.  Sleep:  I'm going to get it.  As much as I love Morgan Linton and Braden Pollock, my body can only stand so many 3 am, meet at the bar and have some fun talking business until daylight, rendezvous.  There is a reason I am always sick after domain conferences 2.  I won't have to forget some of the things I saw after people have been drinking.  After my d... Read More »
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The DomainShane Book of 10:, and other Sexy Names

By - March 27, 2014 - 0 Comments
Today's names are the usual mixed bag. A few names at auction that will sell and some names at BIN prices. If you see a name you like make an offer. You never know. Here are today's names. . .    Make Offer.   Take a look at Google if you don't know what this is.  26 million results.  Huge education domain. MOOCs are becoming a big part of the future of education.  The is owned by Open Universities Australia. Contact owner via whois   $1000  Michael Berkens reviewed this name on DomainSherpa (at the 18:15 mark) and gave it an estimate... Read More »
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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Thursday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on March 20th, 2014

By - March 20, 2014 - 8 Comments
Oops.  Forgot to hit publish last night. I guess my little ditty about not selling a name changed my "karma".  Sold two names yesterday. One for no profit but a friend really wanted it and I was thinning my exposure to that type of name. And the other was for $2K on a name I got for $25.  Not the big numbers I'd like but keeps the diet Coke running freely at the Cultra household for a few more weeks. On a side note, I came up with another fun idea for the Mens bathroom at the nursery (if you remember we did a penny floor for the girls bathroom).  I wanted the bathrooms to be easy to clean first... Read More »
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The Incredible Recent February Sales List from 30 Sales over $50K and 1 Over a Million

By - March 13, 2014 - 4 Comments
I don't use the word incredible very often ,but after talking with about how things were going, they sent me this sales list from last month  Like most high priced domain sales they couldn't release actual numbers but they were able to give me a "more than' price that still gives us a pretty good idea of the sale price.  I've included the RMB numbers but I went ahead and put the value in USD as well.  Remember, many of these names sold for "more than" the number listed.  Those that sold at public auction are listed with the actual price and the private sales with the range.  But I'll give you ... Read More »
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