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There is A Domain Shane Impostor From Singapore

By - October 7, 2012 - 5 Comments
UPDATE: We found the culprit and he says it was a friend that did it and apologized.  I am going to take his word as leave it at that He was using the XYDomains account of his friend on Namepros I say enough stupid things that I don't need another person using my name around the net saying even more but it looks like I have a fan. The person is using DomainShane or Shane on the domain blogs and Ray at Hybrid Domainer was nice enough to point it out today. The ip addresses are and The same ip address has been used on my address and I believe Elliot's as well calling... Read More »
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The Sunday Help Wanted Section: See Who’s Hiring

By - March 13, 2011 - 4 Comments
Every Sunday I thought I would post a few of the jobs available in the domain industry. This week I started with the "big boys" and I hope in future weeks to be able to build a "Help Wanted" of companies or domainers who need people to do certain tasks. The domain industry is really no different from most Internet companies when it comes to employee needs.  Engineers, SEO, Account managers, all are needed.  For you? Maybe the domain flipping isn't working out as well as you thought. Maybe you're like Chef Patrick and you want to learn the industry a little more by working for someone else.  If anyo... Read More »
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