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Namejet Monthly Sales Results

By - April 2, 2013 - 0 Comments
I haven't put out the nightly sales results the last week and a half because I've had some extra work to do at night. But if you did read those lists you probably have seen most of these results. If not, here's a list of last month's Namejet sales courtesy of Namejet themselves (hat tip Matt). It's always nice to have some comparables so remember these prices like your 7th grade vocabulary Domain Name Payment Date Payment Amount 3/25/13 08:22 $50,299.00 3/29/13 17:22 $41,800.00 3/27/13 08:22... Read More »
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New Tlds Galore: Here’s the List of Publicly Acknowledged Applicants, But Who Will Succeed?

By - January 16, 2012 - 20 Comments
"Dot com Killer" "Completely Change The Internet" "Cyber Criminal's Dream" .  Words all spoken about the new tlds.  My feeling is that most will may no impact to the daily lives of anyone on the internet.  Many will be merely collectibles that were purchased because it gives the owner a personalized brand.  Others purchased with the intent and hope that hundreds of thosands of people will want their gtld.  I see success for some, most I do not.  Take a look at the pre announced brand (non geo) gtlds below.  Do you think any of them will show any long term success?  Are there any that you think a... Read More »
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