Flippa Recap: Slak.com, Kyro.com, LLLL.com Portfolio, Collarbone.com, Play.info, Friend.info

Nov 12 2014

Some Domains That Sold Last Week

F*ckable.com – $4,251 – If you don’t know what the * stands for, here’s your hint: it’s a vowel. Not good enough? Vowel shaped like a horseshoe.

Area.info – $3,288 – Bidding ended at only $1,888, but the post-auction negotiation got it to a price acceptable to the seller.

Slak.com – $3,203 – I’d spell it slack if I heard it on the radio, but the cool startup way is to mis-spell words.

Collarbone.com – $3,000 – Sold at the BIN when bidding was at $155. Bonus question – which has more search volume: “collar bone” or “collarbone”? Answer at the bottom of the post.

Kyro.com – $2,200kyro

Play.info – $2,183

Friend.info – $1,600

Portfolio of 15 LLLL.com Domains – $1,550 – Including AOTQ.com, TFUX.com, VLPU.com and more.

DormShopping.com – $650

eBook.io – $615

70 Domain App Portfolio – $605

StudentDeal.com – $601

eBooks.io – $550

Hutang.com – $502

SnuggleBaby.com – $500

TemplateSource.com – $500

RNT.net – $450

Form.ly – $350

BitcoinEGuide.com – $350

VBEO.com – $300

Celebs.io – $290

BitcoinMiningPool.com – $275 – Presumably this phrase has some sort of relevance and isn’t a random set of three words slapped together with ‘Bitcoin’ at the beginning…..

If you missed the recent look ahead at future Flippa auctions, check out the post that includes names like Suck.net, NSFW.net and a 365 domain portfolio, you can check that out here.

Some Websites That Sold

  • SauceWorld.com – $99,724 – Monthly net profit of $4,500 stated, with no traffic verified. “For sale is a complete profitable e-Commerce business consisting of domain name SAUCEWORLD.COM, all social media accounts-Facebook page has over 6,500k real fan likes and product store, and an existing successful Amazon (4.9 star vendor) and eBay (power seller and stellar feedback) accounts.
  • SEORamp.com – $30,000 – Monthly net profit of $4,000 stated, on uniques of 500. “Established Link Building & Web Rank Checker Tool with $37,440 in Profit in the Last 10 Months”

Some Domains With Bids That Didn’t Sell

Bodyguards.com – $8,200

Dilly.com – $7,200 – I can’t believe the reserve was higher than this. Just my opinion….

RCDrones.com – $5,000

Turnkeys.com – $4,700

Gaka.com – $1,500

Bonus Question Answer = two words: “collar bone”. SEMRush says 14,800 searches per month for “collar bone” and 6,600 per month for “collarbone”. Estibot says about 22,000 for “collar bone” and 15,000 for “collarbone”.

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  1. Sameh

    Area.info – $3,288

    Nice quick sale! The seller captured this domain on the drop via Name.com backorder ($49.95) on 2014-09-27

    I tried to buy it from him right away after he captured it because I was after this domain but I don’t remember if he replied back or turned down my offer.

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