Friday’s Big List Of Domains at Auction and Dropping

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Good morning.  Not sure if anyone touched on it but Google received a patent for search with reduced emphasis on keyword domains.  I disregarded the info as they applied for the the patent 8 years ago and it’s not like they couldn’t use their technology the entire time.  So I disregarded the news.   Here are today’s names. Millions of kids have played this.   I chose to play crochet instead.  I made it to sectionals in 1977.  Yeah I was pretty good Great  Buyer looking for roughly 20K Just in case you were interested in buying a bank.  I guess it could be for a loan as well. I would pay you to put up an Audrina Patridge fan site. No bids.  Not just costumes, D costumes. 12 year old domain for under $12 Zynga’s newest game?  I got an idea.  Have markmonitor register it for you and then Fusible will report it. Not much value but I like the way it looks and sounds Kind of limiting but works if you want to sell fairy costumes Pretty big holiday on a pretty small tld

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  1. Trico says:


    “Hey, what’s this white sticky stuff on the football?”


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