The Weekly Excavation of Some Treasures in the Portfolio

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(January 14, 2011) · 8 Comments

You may have heard I do a little daily synopsis of names at auction that I think are worth owning or at least taking a look at.  In the past I’ve skipped over because I’ve always assumed that it’s just a giant list of names that were geared towards other domainers and then I got to thinking.  So is every other name I’ve been pointing out so why not pick through the CAX list as well.  I’ll try to hit the list once or so a week and pick out some names I think are worth taking a look … FULL ARTICLE »

Friday’s Daily Domain Drops and Auctions

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(January 14, 2011) · 0 Comments

Some great names dropped yesterday and hope you got some bids in.  I think this is going to be a hell of a year for domains with solid dot coms providing an excellent return.  Downside, next year gets more expensive so pick and choose wisely. Now onto the names. The most important room in the house. 1996 register and 92 bidders so evidently a nice name A nice that is a city in Brasil.  Formerly a wood laminate companies site and is DMOZ listed. It’s going to take a confident man to own this one. … FULL ARTICLE »

I Finally Reached My Goal: I’m on the First Page For “Morgan Linton Naked”

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(January 13, 2011) · 12 Comments

Everybody loves traffic from The Google.  I’ll take what I can get,  and lately I’ve been getting lots of love from that little search engine but I was a little surprised what keyword brought a reader to my site.  Evidently someone searched for “Morgan Linton Naked”.  Yes, someone took the time to type that into Google and see where it lead.  While I knew Morgan had devoted fans but I didn’t realize to what extent.  So Morgan if you’re reading this, you officially have a stalker and may want to lock your door and pull down your blinds. I may … FULL ARTICLE »

You’ve Seen the Ads for Big Jumbo But What Exactly is ‘Big Jumbo’

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(January 13, 2011) · 4 Comments

If you visited any domain sites over the last month, including this one, undoubtedly you’ve seen the big orange ads for Big Jumbo.  I wanted to get a little info about the company so I sent an email with a few questions to Andrew Allemann who you may know better as the man behind Domain Name Wire but also works for Directi which owns Skenzo and a few other companies. 1. What exactly is Big Jumbo? BigJumbo is a domain name parking platform built with the evolving world of domain name parking in mind.  It’s designed to be simple to … FULL ARTICLE »

A Simple Idea That Could Increase Parking Yields

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(January 13, 2011) · 2 Comments

I’m not going to deny there are better minds than me coming up with ideas to make parking more lucrative but I’ve always had this idea and I thought I would share it.  When I develop websites we have an advertising term called “own the page” It essentially means that for a certain price we’ll brand the entire website around you, the background, the header, and in between posts.  You see a lot of this in celebrity websites as TV advertisers like to promote the start of a series or certain shows.  This brings me to the idea of letting … FULL ARTICLE »

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