A Simple Idea That Could Increase Parking Yields

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(January 13, 2011) · 2 Comments

I’m not going to deny there are better minds than me coming up with ideas to make parking more lucrative but I’ve always had this idea and I thought I would share it.  When I develop websites we have an advertising term called “own the page” It essentially means that for a certain price we’ll brand the entire website around you, the background, the header, and in between posts.  You see a lot of this in celebrity websites as TV advertisers like to promote the start of a series or certain shows.  This brings me to the idea of letting … FULL ARTICLE »

Thursday’s Extravaganza of Dropping Domains And Amazing Auctions

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(January 13, 2011) · 3 Comments

I might be overstating today’s domains but I’m pretty excited nonetheless because there are more good names than there’s been in a while. You would think I wouldn’t be as optimistic as I haven’t made a sale this month and as a result I haven’t made a purchase yet this year.  But I have rules. They are simple.  I only buy domains from revenue generated from domains, either sale or monetization.  My winter income is usually pretty mild due to the fact most of my domains are plant related.  Plants aren’t nearly as popular when it’s 20 degrees out so … FULL ARTICLE »

“Too Often We Enjoy the Comfort of Opinion Without the Discomfort of Thought”

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(January 12, 2011) · 3 Comments

It’s a great quote from John F Kennedy. It’s particularly applicable to today’s times when anyone can immediately post their opinions and thought to the world.  One thing hasn’t changed, with voice comes consequence.  Here are a few more of my favorite quotes regarding voice. “What we learned from Oklahoma City is not that we should gag each other or that we should reduce our passion for the positions we hold — but that the words we use really do matter, because there’s this vast echo chamber, and they go across space and they fall on the serious and the … FULL ARTICLE »

Wednesday’s Daily Domain Drops and Auctions

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(January 12, 2011) · 0 Comments

Here’s a little tip on how to make some money. Email every previous domain owner that has a domain dropping at Godaddy that has a value over $1000 and tell them you’ll buy it from them if they renew it. Of course make it considerably cheaper than what the auction went for. Remember you have 42 days after expiration and Godaddy usually puts them for auction at 30 days, so you have to be quick. I don’t do it, I would never want to make Bob mad, just sayin’. Now onto the names. OnlyOrganic.com aka Portland TwoLegs.com Great exercise site … FULL ARTICLE »

If You Can Go to DomainFest You Should: Anyone Who Says You Shouldn’t Has a Hidden Agenda

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(January 11, 2011) · 22 Comments

Business conferences exist for a reason. It’s a time where people gather to talk about the industry.  It’s a chance to meet, in person, the people that you’ve become friends with over the phone and through email. To discuss things that only people in your industry would understand.  To learn things that are only shared face to face.  I have been to hundreds of conferences in my life and I will say that 99% of them have completely paid for their cost through information or contacts made.  DomainFest will be no different. There are too many conferences in our industry … FULL ARTICLE »

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