Thursday’s Daily Dropping Domain Names and Auctions

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(January 6, 2011) · 2 Comments

It’s ironic that in a day when everyone wants to be so social that privacy and security are such a big concern.  If things can be stolen on the Internet then people will try.  It’s your job to be smart and protect your belongings.  My credit card numbers have been stolen, as has a domain, I’ve been scammed on forums, had my ebay account hacked, and had someone get into my paypal account.  Fortunately for me, all were lessons and not much of value was lost.  It sounds like a lot but I have been on the bulletin boards or … FULL ARTICLE »

Nothing Hurts More Than Not Being Relevant

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(January 5, 2011) · 13 Comments

I’m not afraid to admit it. I am not news. I am opinion. Despite what DomainGang says, there are really only five regular sources of new domain news.  TheDomains, DomainNameWire, DomainIncite, DnJournal, and occasionally ElliotsBlog.  This is not to dismiss the value of other blogs including this one.  I could list out 15 domainish blogs or sites I read fairly regularly that in my opinion are both entertaining, informative, or both. But you may hate them. It is a plain and simple fact, unless one those 5 sites put up the story it didn’t happen in the eyes of the … FULL ARTICLE »

Fake ICANN Update Email Helps Thief Steal Domains

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(January 5, 2011) · 6 Comments

As reported on Nametalent earlier today, respected DnForum member Tim Schoon aka Toilet-Monster had his Godaddy account hacked and emptied.  Obviously everyone wanted to know how someone could get into his account and Tim figured it out.  They got it through a fake ICANN email that lead to a fake mirror site.  Here is the email he received. The link is masked and lead to GobDaddy instead.<<<<——–Tim points out what happened ****************************** *********** Important ICANN Notice Regarding Your Domain Name(s) ****************************** *********** Dear User, it is that time of year again. ICANN(the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) annually … FULL ARTICLE »

Wednesday’s Daily Domain Name Drop and Auction Picks

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(January 5, 2011) · 2 Comments While the end user is limited here the 1994 registration is very nice.  You could always make a childrens site out of it.  DrBob just sounds like a nice guy or a pedophile but I like to be optimistic. VCVCs do well and this one will be no exception. 1995 registration IMO one of the best names to come across in the last couple weeks.  I might have to ask the wife for some cash for this one. I was a sucker for autographed stuff in the 90′s .   If only Mark Grace would have turned … FULL ARTICLE »

Everyone Else Has Them So Here Are My 10 Trends for 2011

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(January 4, 2011) · 9 Comments

Everyone has their opinions for trends for a given year so I might as well share mine.  They are not all completely domain or technology rated.  Some of them are where I think society is headed but when it comes to domaining it really doesn’t matter.  As long as people are doing it there are domains to follow. 1. Text/SMS driven websites and apps.  I think you’ll see most financial or personal information sites moving towards offering texted codes to log in as paypal does today.  Everyone has a phone on them at all time so texting info for immediate … FULL ARTICLE »

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