10 Tips To Making Money With 5 Letter Dot Coms

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(January 2, 2011) · 38 Comments

I’ve written a few articles about my love of 5 letter dot coms over the last year but today I’m going to go into a little more detail about how to be successful with this type of name.  I will start off by saying that there is a ton of junk in this market and the difference between a domain worth $8 and a domain worth $1000 is just a few letters.  Ninety nine percent of these domains are indeed worth very little but here are 10 tips that should help you make better decisions and lead to profitable purchases. … FULL ARTICLE »

How To Choose a Domain Name for a Startup

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(January 1, 2011) · 9 Comments

Choosing a good name for your startup is one the most important things you can do for your new company.  It can either become a word that when spoken or said, is instantly recognized or another confusing blockade to your corporate success.  To make matters even more complex is the marketing, web presence, and trademark issues.  So how does a new company choose a good name? Below is some great advice from various sources around the net as well as as some advice from members of Quora (one of my favorite question and answer sites). Tristan Kromer I am not … FULL ARTICLE »

3 Of My Comics You’ll Have to Be Drunk to Enjoy

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(December 31, 2010) · 5 Comments

These are comics only a domainer could love.  I’m posting them tonight because it’s best you’re drinking if you really want to laugh at these.  I’m posting these and then I’m off to the parties. I just hope I can stay up until midnight.  . Click to enlarge so you can read them easier .

Maybe It’s Just Me, But I Can’t Register For DomainFest

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(December 31, 2010) · 0 Comments

Update:   Evidently my large purchase at NameJet the other day shut down my card.  I only noticed it because 5 minutes ago Snapnames emailed and said my card was declined.  Of course I didn’t get any message saying what was wrong and since my card has such a large limit that never came to mind.  I’m actually happy they are watching out for me.  I do a heck of a lot of online purchasing so it’s nice to think that they are still watching the account despite the fact I have to make a phone call occasionally to open it … FULL ARTICLE »

The Last Damn Dropping Domains and Auctions You’ll Hear From Me This Year

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(December 31, 2010) · 2 Comments

Well, this pretty much wraps it up.  Hope you guys enjoyed a full year of me writing these things pretty much every day.  If any thing, I’m consistent.   I would like to make a special shout out to Drop Day for their sponsoring of this post by giving me complete reign of their data.  Sergey does an incredible job over there and it’s certainly worth your money to flip through.  Of course if Domain Tools would like to be a co sponsor I could really make some headway with more data (first shill, now beggar, I have no shame).  Enough … FULL ARTICLE »

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