Let’s Take a Look at the Top 50 Startups and Their Domains

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(August 28, 2010) · 7 Comments

I often feel that domainers put way too much emphasis on a domain name and it’s relation to a company’s success.   I am a businessman first and a domain investor second.  A domain to me is merely a tool to reach potential customers for my business.  I can really get a feel of the importance of domains by looking at new tech/Internet startups.  Startups meaning newly created companies or companies with limited operating history.  These companies were created in the recent era of the Internet and chose names based availability is today’s domain climate.  Like any company, their internet presence … FULL ARTICLE »

9 Signs Your Domain Nest Egg May Have Salmonella

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(August 27, 2010) · 7 Comments

I spent most of the past year building a bankroll to buy some solid domain names.  Names that have value unto themselves but also the ability to generate cash flow.  Along the way I’ve realized that too many domainers hold an enormous amount of absolute junk. Junk that is not going to serve them well, no matter how long they hold. Who am I to say what is junk?  I can answer this one pretty easily. I am the person that the internet is trying to reach.  I have money and use the internet daily in my life.  The internet … FULL ARTICLE »

Friday’s Daily Domain Drops and Auction

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(August 27, 2010) · 0 Comments

Sorry about the bad link earlier.  Not sure what happened but that’s the beauty of the net, anything can go wrong at any time.  Here are today’s name InstantKarma.com Great name and a PR5.  I think this one will do well Mable.com Plenty of uses for this one.  Name or business and easy to spell.  A nice 5L SierraDenali.com I know a trademark problem here but some people don’t care.  Lots of searches and nice CPC. Valuate value at $7500 and no bidders USSR.net “You don’t know how lucky you are” AWise.org A pr6.  Not into pr domains?  then move … FULL ARTICLE »

Thursday’s Daily Dropping Domains and Auctions

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(August 26, 2010) · 2 Comments

Somebody is selling their Geo domains through Namejet today and there are quite a few nice ones.  It may be the most geo domains I’ve had on my daily lists.  Take a look Shelbyville.com Great Geo and almost every state has a Shelbyville Reseda.com A California suburb of LA Geo with a relatively low population but seemingly lots of interest MilwaukeeRestaurants.com Hey der, wood u like to find sumpton to eat, der Burien.com A city in Washington with approx 35,000 people and 3500 exact searches LovesPark.com A city in Illinois with 25,000 RoundRock.net Texas city with over 100,000 people.  6600 … FULL ARTICLE »

Rick Latona Was Walking On An Irish Beach and Found a Bottle

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(August 25, 2010) · 0 Comments

Rick Latona was walking along a beach in Ireland when he came across a bottle.  On the bottle it said “Rub for a Wish”.  Rick slowly rubbed the bottle and low and behold, a genie popped out of the bottle and said  “Thanks for letting me out, what would you like as your wish?” Rick replied, “I’d like to look 20 years younger and have more money and more domains than Rich Schwartz and Frank Schilling combined.”  The genie replied “I can’t really turn back time and it’s not like I can just make more domains for you to have, … FULL ARTICLE »

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